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Sports Tech Live #70 - Adidas Google & EA Sports collab in wearable for soccer, Coronavirus cancels sporting events, Twitch & Comscore partner to deliver viewing stats and more

Hey Sports Tech Fans, Before I get to the inevitable coronavirus stories and opinion, I want to share
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Sports Tech Live
Sports Tech Live
All your Sports Tech news in one place, covering topics like AR/VR, Data Analytics, eSports, Live Streaming, Sports Betting, Wearables, etc.
Hey Sports Tech Fans,
Before I get to the inevitable coronavirus stories and opinion, I want to share a story that I am genuinely excited about and one which makes me wish I was a kid again!
Adidas, Google and EA sports have teamed up together to deliver a fascinating wearable product, Adidas GMR.
Google’s technology powers the wearable and it fits into an insole and tracks player movement, shots, passes, speed, distance covered, etc.
This data is then viewed on a mobile app powered by FIFA and allows users to unlock challenges, compete on leaderboards and generate stats and data on their playing style and skills.
Adidas are also getting their sponsored athletes to set challenges and set scores for users to beat. I would imagine that there will be a continuous stream of content being pushed out here to drive engagement in the product.
The insoles cost €34.99 which is an absolute bargain and I can see a lot of dads with sons and daughters who play soccer being as interested and as excited as the kids playing the sport!
It really is a fascinating product and one of the best I have seen in the 14 months of the newsletter.
The story from the Verge is below in the hardware and wearables section. If anyone ends up buying them and using them, I would love to hear from you so please reach out!

Sporting events around the globe are postponed, NBA, Premier League, March Madness, Players Championship to name but a few, due to the coronavirus, which is set to present tough decisions and problems for teams and leagues to solve.
Obviously in the interest of safety the right calls have been made because at the end of the day, as much as we all love sport, the health and safety of people, particularly the elderly and those with existing medical issues, is paramount and it’s not even close.
However since this is a sports tech newsletter I think it’s important to discuss the ramifications on the future of sport as we know it.
With US leagues taking the decision on banning journalists from the locker room, which I guess is now a moot point since the leagues have cancelled games as well, it presents an interesting future for journalists as they may lose that access long term as well. How will this impact on reporting and stories?
With the Premier League postponing the league until April 4th, with a review to be conducted, will the games even be able to be completed?
UEFA will meet to discuss the possibility of pushing Euro 2020 to 2021, which might free up summer months to complete the games, but even then will the country be over its peak to allow games to continue in a safe manner for both players and fans?
The knockon implications to TV revenue, advertising and sponsorship might be massive as well as companies have a lot of money on the line on the assumption that games will be played every week. Will we see sponsors and advertisers pull the plug on big contracts?
This might put a lot of teams under pressure if there is any fall in revenue as players will still need to be played.
If the Premier League can’t complete the games without disrupting next season as well, do they simply void the season as if nothing happened? Liverpool would be rightly upset as they have waited for 30 years to win another league trophy.
But finishing the season where it is now after 29 of a 38 game season would result in lawsuits from teams relegated, teams missing out on the Champions League and Europa League as that would mean missing out on massive revenues.
Time will tell, but the longer this continues the more likely it is that the 2019/2020 soccer season in Europe will be a lost season.

With the amount of stories I am covering each week we are eating up our Zapier free account in a matter of days each month so I am busy working on a solution to deliver all of the stories to the hardcore fans amongst you who want ALL the stories!
If any kind sponsor out there wants to help out with the associated costs, then please get in touch!
Have a great sport free weekend, stay safe and wash those hands!

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